CBD For Inflammation

Many factors activate your body’s immune response, causing inflammation. And when it comes to inflammation the struggle is real.

It often goes hand in hand with pain, heat, redness, and swelling. Inflammation is treated with anti-inflammatory medications that have risks and side effects. 

CBD is becoming an increasingly popular plant-derived remedy for inflammation, without the side effects of medications. Multiple studies have concluded that CBD has anti-inflammatory properties that act quickly on targeting the affected area. The plant cannabinoids have many different mechanisms of action because of its anti-inflammatory properties, aiding your body to naturally heal. if you are one of those people that want to replace the pharmaceutical approach for a plant-based natural approach, here are some ideas: 

Lucent Botanicals Inflammation Relief CBD Mints

If you need to recover from an injury and alleviate pain, this CBD mints will help to target inflammation and activate your body’s natural defenses. You will feel results within 20 minutes of taking the mints. 

Khus Khus Copious Body Serum

This serum works wonders by flushing environmental toxins from your body, balancing free radicals and providing essential antioxidants your body needs. The high analgesics contained in this serum will reduce pain and inflammation. If you’re looking for an anti-inflammatory anesthetic that also moisturizes your skin and smells amazing, this serum is a must. 

Khus Khus Sen Face Oil

Applying an even-small amount to forehead, chin, cheeks, neck – This face oil will help balance, improve and hydrate your skin. This CBD-extract oil will nurture your skin, alleviate acne, help with inflammation, soothe dry skin, reduce fine lines, and pigmentation issues. 

VERTLY Soothing CBD Face Mist

This face mist will soothe, hydrate and revitalize your skin. It’s infused with botanicals such as calendula, rose and lavender which will refresh your skin. This mist is a full spectrum CBD with anti-inflammatory properties that will help you heal and hydrate your skin.