How CBD Can Help With Acne

CBD for Acne? You might have heard this before, but can’t help but to ask why? How?  And what? Does CBD really help with acne problems? 


Because multiple factors can cause acne. Pores can clogged by dead skin when too many dead skin cells are released at once, causing a build-up and clogging the pores. Excess sebum production can be another cause for acne. This can also result in blocked pores, greasy scalp and oily skin. Bacteria exists in small amounts, but when there is blockage in the pores, bacteria on the skin multiplies creating excess bacteria – Another common cause for acne. The dead skin, the oily skin, and the excess bacteria clogs the pores causing inflammation. 


CBD is a natural treatment approach to acne because of its anti-inflammatory properties. Studies have concluded that CBD is effective treating acne because of its three important cellular anti-acne actions. It decreases excess sebum (oil), by regulating oil production of the sebaceous glands. It possesses remarkable anti-bacteria effects which helps with the elimination of bacteria, reducing breakouts, redness, and minimizing the chance of infection. CBD oil has anti-inflammatory benefits, which makes it a suitable natural treatment option for your skincare. 

What CBD products should you use to treat acne?

As a rule, acne-skincare-regime should consist of a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer. Acne-combating CBD products you must have are the HERB ESSNTLS Cleansing Oil, to help clean and flush out the excess oil from your skin. HORA CBD Super Serum, designed to nourish and stimulate your skin - Essentially providing shots of extremely concentrated nutrients, hydrators and antioxidants. HORA will help protect your skin from inflammation, reduce skin redness and decrease blemishes. HERB ESSNTLS Moisturizer is a skin soothing moisturizer that hydrates and prevents pores from being clogged.