How to Choose the Right Toner for Your Face

Do you really need a toner for your face? A toner is most likely included as part of your skincare routine, but what do toners do for your skin? A toner is a hydrating skincare product that is meant to shrink the look of large pores and further cleanse the skin, picking up any makeup that has been left behind. It is effective at maintaining the skin’s pH balance, which is ideal for optimal skin health. A toner is used after a cleanser but before a serum or a moisturizer. When the skin has been properly cleaned and then toned, it’s more receptive to moisturizers and serums. So, we now know what is the purpose of a toner for your face: hydrating, cleansing, and maintain the skin’s pH balance. 

When choosing a toner, you need to know what is your skin type to match it. Most skin types are predominantly either oily or dry. If different areas of your skin display different degrees of dryness and oiliness, you have a combination skin type. That means spot-applying different skincare products it’s the best choice for your skin. So, what is a good toner for your face depending on your skin type? Dry skin responds best to an exfoliating or pH balancing toner. Where as oily or combination skin calls more for a hydrating toner.

With infinite types of face toners, it can seem too overwhelming to choose the right one, but what are the right toners for your skin and what should you look for in a toner? This all depends on what your primary skin concerns are, so you can choose the right toner to address those concerns. Rehydrating toners are best for treating temporarily dehydrated areas of your skin. pH-balancing toners are best for treating temporary sensitivity and irritation. Exfoliating toners are best for addressing aging and acne. 

Everyone’s skin needs are different, so it’s hard to find the best face toner sometimes. How ever there are a few ingredients that are great for all skins when it comes to toners. These will benefit your skin on a deeper level and help balance and maintain your skin’s health and pH levels for a calm complexion. Look for toners with ingredients like Aloe Vera, Rose, CBD, Calendula, and Lavender.

These ingredients soothe your skin, helping with irritation and inflammation. Having a lot of products out there it is hard to distinguish what the best toner to use on your face is. We recommend to try VERTLY Soothing Florals CBD Mist. This tonic mist is made with slow-infused botanicals and will soothe, hydrate, and revitalize your skin.