How to Take Care of Your Skin While in Quarantine

Winter is out the door, taking with it our dry, itchy, and irritated skin – And just because you aren't currently out and about, It doesn't mean you should not be taking care of your skin. 

So how can you take care while being home?

Wear Sunscreen

Since we are switching from cold to warm weather, your skin routine needs to reflect that. SPF should be a part of your routine, every single day. Even while we work inside, we are exposed to harmful rays that can cause damage to our skin. The most effective, least expensive way to prevent early aging and signs of damage is with sunscreen!

5 O’clock Rule

While you safely enjoy your hikes or strolls around town, make sure to choose the right time of the day. Even though the sun is still irradiating UV rays, if you choose to be outside and do activities after 5 o’clock, the levels of UV radiation exposure are greatly reduced due to the sunlight’s lower angle at this time of day. 

Stop and Cool Down

This might be the time where you are working out indoors at home or outdoors in nature. With this in mind, it is easy to ignore the stickiness and the perspiration but it is no fun to deal with it on your skin, aka sweat. You don’t have to stop the fun, just reach for your bag and give your skin a revitalizing boost with this CBD-based refreshing mist.  

Easy on Those Limes 

Before you spend time in the sun, be careful with certain foods, especially limes. Limes contain psoralens, which when exposed to UV light can cause a skin condition known as phytophotodermatitis. This condition can cause skin blisters and bruises.

Take a Load Off

With all the stress and uncertainty happening currently, do not forget to pamper yourself. And what a better way to pamper yourself than finishing your day with a nice relaxing spa bath? These CBD infused bath salts have calming essential oil blends of lavender, lemon and clary sage; giving you the good vibes you need right in your tub.