April's Favorites

To think that only a month ago we were all living normal lives, seeing friends, booking dinner reservations, and traveling to nearby places. Then in the blink of an eye the Coronavirus came upon us with stay-at-home orders, only allowing us to leave our house for essentials, wearing masks and latex gloves.

So, we can sum it up by saying that April 2020 was canceled, but only to an extent. Maybe we are not doing the things we used to do or doing them the way we used to do them – Perhaps we have more time in our hands.

But this is a good thing! Because it only means we have more time to pamper ourselves and look for skincare products that best soothes our skin. Here are our April’s favs: 

CBD SkinCare Co - CBD Infused Shea Butter Foot & Body Therapy 

This organic CBD oil-infused shea butter formula has the finest ingredients to renew your feet and skin. You can use it after a long day on your feet, or whenever you need some extra TLC. 

Hora - Derma Roller 

The derma roller works by making teeny tiny punctures in the skin stimulating the body to heal those punctures by releasing collagen and elastin! but don't worry is not painful we promise.

The continued use of the Derma Roller can help diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, uneven skin tone, and gives the skin a luminous appearance.

Vertly - Lip Balm Stick 

This Lip Butter is crafted with organic and nourishing ingredients in stick form and with pigmentation. This moisturizing and anti-oxidant rich balm contains three powerful nut butters, Kokum, Cocoa, and Shea, along with organically grown full spectrum hemp CBD and other premium organic ingredients. 


Herb Essntls - Cannabis Infused Face Moisturizer 


Cannabis Sativa seed oil stimulates the natural oil production that your skin needs to keep hydrated and elastic. This moisturizer helps your skin stay young and healthy every day. It works for all skin types!


Vertly - Botanical Extracts + CBD Face Serum

Think of this as a green juice for your face: hydrating, nourishing, and skin stimulating. It takes 3 weeks to slowly infuse the herbs to deliver maximum potency.  It provides deep hydration and essential skin nutrients; suitable for all skin types, it's worth every penny.

The Good Patch - Period Patch


These discrete patches are perfect for treating your PMS symptoms all day. 15mg of premium hemp extract combined with Black Cohosh to help with hormone-related discomfort, and menthol to relieve minor aches and pains.  No more curling up on your couch with a heating pad, slap it on and go.