July’s Favorites

In case you were wondering what our favorite picks for July were, here is the scoop: 

Especially for these moments when everything feels kind of weird and uncertain, we have the perfect solution for you!Our Highborn - Salome CBD Rollerball Fragrance has the added bonus of CBD to calm and center you. The scent can be described as a fresh and slightly spicy garden.

Have you had too much exposure under UV rays this summer and your skin is feeling it? Rejuvenate with our Gron Awakening Clay Mask. Pandemic or not we have to take care of our skin, especially during the hot summer season when our skin is exposed to the sun and other free radicals. This anti-inflammatory clay mask rejuvenates and moisturizes your skin, giving your skin a spa-like experience. 

Same thing goes for the rest of our body, not only is a good hydrating lotion is essential for this time of the year, but you can step it up with our CBD Infused Shea Butter Foot and Body Therapy from the CBD Skincare Co. This Organic CBD oil-infused shea butter formula includes the finest ingredients to renew your feet and skin. You can use it after a long day on your feet, or whenever you need some extra TLC.  

Another summer product that is a must is the Hora Super Serum + CBD, this serum along with the clay mask will help you combat those ugly skin symptoms of summer exposure. This serum will also protect and regenerate your skin, leaving you with a calming and brightening glow feel. 

Let us not forget about protecting and hydrating our lips! With our Vertly Peppermint Lip Balm, your lips will feel nourished, healed, and protected from the damage of the sun. 

Let us know what you think when you try any of these products!