March's Favorites

The COVID-19 virus has spread globally, we get to see those numbers climb higher up each day with hopes that soon they will start coming down – With all this, it is easy to become anxious and fearful. We started hearing stories of how a friend of a friend was immunocompromised and got the virus. As days have passed, the virus has gotten to people that we know, so we start being fearful for our loved ones.


If you coupled that fear with the loss of income and the shelter in place mandate, where we are allowed to leave our homes only for essential things – It is easy to descend into despair. The COVID-19 pandemic will soon be history. Let’s take this opportunity to control what we can, accept what we can’t and take full advantage of the innumerable hidden positive things that await us soon. So, for now, we can take advantage of the time we have, to do the things we like, spend more time with our loved ones and take better care of ourselves. 

We have selected March’s favorites keeping in mind the circumstances we are now experiencing, so there is a little bit of everything… The product to pamper your skin; the product to help you reduce stress (much needed); the face mask you now have time to do; even the more in-tune with spring fragrance you can use while you implement self-quarantine, so you can smell good for your loved ones.

Populum - Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Tincture 

This Cbd oil tincture works fast and has a pleasant orange flavor that makes it actually enjoyable to take.  Populum takes great care to use the highest quality hemp extract available, work with only local US farmers, goes through rigorous third-party testing, and the result is a premium product free of harmful chemicals and pesticides. 

Shake well, place one full dropper of oil under the tongue, hold for 20-30 seconds then swallow, breathe, relax. 

Hora - Overnight Exfoliating + CBD Mask 

The Hora Overnight Exfoliating Cbd Mask dissolves dead skin overnight while pumping in healthy oils, leaving your skin with a healthy glow. You can apply a thin layer to a clean, dry face, leave it overnight and rinse off in the morning. Avoid the eye area, and can be used up to 4 nights a week.

Kana Skincare - EGF Botanical Essence 

There are many special ingredients in this bottle but we want to highlight one. EGF is the Epidermal Growth Factor! We are all born with EGF in our bodies, however, it begins to diminish when we hit our 20's. It is a high performance, anti-aging ingredient that stimulates skin growth at a cellular level.

It can be used under a serum or moisturizer, but only if you want tighter and bouncier skin.

Gron - Restore Brighter Mornings Eye Cream

This Eye Cream has its own formulation of peptides, antioxidants, and plant oils that helps to reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles. While high levels of vitamin C brighten the skin and the cucumber works to hydrate and reduce puffiness. By adding hemp extract to this daily-use eye cream, they have created the perfect solution to dull or tired-looking eyes.

The Good Patch - Be Calm Patch

Already been a rough morning? Home school with the kids? You might need this. Take the edge off with this calm-inducing patch containing 15 mg of premium hemp extract as well as menthol. Say Ommm...

Place patch on any venous area of the skin for maximum effect, leave up to 12 hours. 

Highborn - Salome CBD Rollerball Fragrance 

Your search for clean fragrance is over! This one just happens to have the added bonus of CBD to calm and center you. You'll only find the sultry dance of pure Rose Otto + Tulsi (Holy Basil) blended with other beautiful, soul-lifting essential oils and whole plant CBD using organic farming practices from the US. Nothing else. We describe the scent as a fresh and slightly spicy garden.