May's Favorites

May has gone by in a blink of an eye and we see summer coming around the corner. California is in transition stages, opening businesses little by little, non- essentials are being called back to work – We have seen more movement than in April. Hot weather is making its way in a little early, these means more walks, running, more pool time, tanning. These all sound like we’re making our way to more fun and busy times and given that this quarantine has allowed us to have more time to pamper ourselves, let’s learn the lesson-  Balance! Let’s get back, little by little, to what is going to be our new normal. But, let’s not neglect ourselves, our health, our skin, our nutrition, and our overall well-being. 


I have compiled a list of the products that I’ve been using in May and here is what I have experienced:

Highborn - Salome CBD Rollerball Fragrance 

This clean fragrance has the bonus of the CBD to calm and center you! It is one of the few beauty products I've been using during quarantine. It has a lovely light scent that also has a calming effect. 

Kana Beauty - EGF Botanical Essence 

This serum is all-natural, fast absorption, great to use during the day time. I have been trying to use this time to really get my skin in better shape, this serum is really making a difference in the overall look of my skin.

Populum - Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Tincture 

It helps me fall asleep in no time! I have taken it a step further adding it to a cocktail or two. And the best thing about this CBD oil tincture it's that it works fast!  

Vertly - Relief Lotion CBD infused

I have been working out more this month and this lotion is soothing my sore muscles. You can use all over or as a spot treatment wherever you need a bit of relief. 


Kana Beauty - Lit Hemp Face Oil 

I absolutely love this face oil for the warmer months, it's not too heavy but it really balances my skin. So the best thing is that LIT is formulated for all skin types!

Hora - Overnight Exfoliating + CBD Mask 

I love to use this CBD mask as it dissolves the dead skin overnight while pumping in healthy oils, leaving the skin with a smoother, exfoliated, and healthy glow in the morning.