Khus + Khus

CBD Travel/Sample Kit


Everything your skin needs for travelling or sampling, all in one perfectly sized toiletry bag. Bag contains SEN Face Serum, SEN Hydrolat, COPIOUS Body Serum, and RASA Restorative Potion. All can be used together, or separately. Excellent for sensitive, stressed, dry skin, ideal for activating balance.

SEN Face Serum cbd  ruh khus   rhododendron   somalian frankincense co2   wild french lavender   black currant   squalane

DETAILS: 15ml bottle

SEN Hydrolat ruh khus   somalian frankincense   wild french lavender flower water

DETAILS: 30ml bottle

COPIOUS Body Serum jatamansi   myrrh   hemp  cbd  frankincense   lavender   ashwagandha   nettle   black cumin seed oil   hemp   olive   licorice

DETAILS: 30ml bottle

RASA Restorative Potion reishi   chaga   ca poppy   brahmi   cbd  yuzu   cardamon CO2   sandalwood   squalane   hemp   prickly pear butter

DETAILS: 30ml Jar

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